App Store.png

What is it?
The App Store is a place where you can purchase programs to use on your Mac computer. It is similar to using the App Store on an iPad, iPod or iPhone. You must have an Apple ID and password to purchase apps, even if they are free. Most of your software updates will send you to the app store to complete the updating process.

When would I use it?
The app store is used to find additional programs you would like to use on your Mac computer and for updating any app programs you have purchased.

Classroom Connection
There may be apps that you would like added to student computers for use of a specific program such as Evernote or Skitch. These requests need to be made to the technology department.

Additional Resources
Mac App Store - Education - Provides a list of the most popular education apps

Mac App Store: What You Need to Know - Basic question and answer page on the Mac App Store covering issues like where do my apps download to and what happens if I install an app I already have on my computer